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    What can we learn from this? Didn’t NABIS already do this like two years ago and regroup and recover? Will HERBL recover or is it really over? A bunch of California brands that used to work with Herbl recently called on retailers to stop paying the distributor. Basically, they don’t think Herbl, which used to […]

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  • Raised in a barn?

    Were you raised in a barn? Yep, the Golden Barn with the aroma of cannabis and humming of extractors filling the air. We take our time and thoughtfully create each and every one of our award winning products. We are one of America’s very first licensed cannabis extractors and have been bringing products from seed […]

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  • white labeling trend

    There are many benefits of white label products for licensed cannabis retailers. For those of you who may not be familiar, white label services allow licensed cannabis retailers to offer their customers a variety of branded products without having to actually produce them themselves. This means that retailers can offer a wider selection of products […]

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